Discover how Avionero is transforming the way we plan travel with its innovative AI-driven platform.

About Avionero

Founded in 2015 by Lars Kristensson and Anton Tyulenev, Avionero emerged as a groundbreaking travel planning site, aimed at revolutionizing the way users search for flights and hotels. Utilizing an AI-based recommendation engine, Avionero caters to a variety of travel scenarios, offering optimal flight and accommodation options. Since its launch in 2018, the platform has expanded its presence to 12 countries, including the Nordics, Russia, Spain, and Bolivia.

Our Mission

At its core, Avionero strives to simplify travel planning. Through constant innovation, the team is dedicated to making the search for flights and accommodations more accessible and less time-consuming.


Recognizing the outdated nature of existing flight search technologies, the founders of Avionero sought to create a service that stands apart. Leveraging their backgrounds in the travel industry and UX/UI design, they developed a platform that combines powerful AI technology with user-friendly design, allowing for greater flexibility and ease in travel planning.

AI-based Recommendation Engine

The cornerstone of Avionero is its unique AI-based flight search technology, which has been continuously enhanced to offer real-time suggestions on flights, accommodations, and activities, all tailored to the user’s preferences.

Our Principles

  • Be Helpful: Avionero aims to make travel planning smoother and quicker by recommending the best options based on user needs.
  • Let Machine Do the Job: The platform’s AI-based engine eliminates the need for manual price comparisons across multiple sites.
  • Full Transparency: Avionero guarantees price transparency and privacy, never manipulating prices or selling user data.

Avionero Around the World

With headquarters in Malmo, Sweden, Avionero proudly serves users in 12 countries, leveraging partnerships with leading sources of flight and hotel information to ensure the best travel options.