Inspiring Venture Capital News

Inspiring Venture Capital News

Ada Ventures: A Beacon of Inclusivity and Diversity in Venture Capital

In a groundbreaking move, Ada Ventures, a UK-based venture capital firm, has successfully secured $80 million for its second fund, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards promoting inclusivity and diversity within the tech ecosystem. Unlike traditional VC firms, Ada Ventures shines a spotlight on founders committed to addressing these critical issues, thereby attracting a diverse group of Limited Partners (LPs) including prestigious entities like the British Business Bank, The University of Edinburgh, and Big Society Capital, among others.

With its second fund, Ada Ventures pledges to invest between £250,000 and £1.5 million in early-stage startups focusing on impactful areas such as climate equity, economic empowerment, and healthy ageing. To date, twelve investments have been made in innovative companies like Alive, BlackBear Glowb, and JunoBio, showcasing Ada’s commitment to not just financial returns, but societal progress.

Fueling its mission, Ada Ventures leverages a unique network of nearly 100 scouts and a cohort of “Ada Angels” to uncover and support the most diverse founding teams. This approach has proven exceptionally effective, making its portfolio 14 times more diverse than the UK VC average in terms of gender and ethnicity. Moreover, Ada Ventures offers unprecedented support to founders, including emergency childcare services through a partnership with Bubble, underscoring its dedication to creating an inclusive environment for business leaders.

Ada Ventures stands as a testament to the power of diversity and inclusivity in driving innovation and success. Co-founder and CEO Check Warner’s commitment to attracting and nurturing diverse talent sets a new standard for the venture capital industry, challenging norms and inspiring change.

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